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What Is Media Literacy?

Media literacy is the concept of educating people to evaluate, analyze, consume and critique media using critical thinking skills. It encompasses identifying who writes the narratives, who benefits from it, and who is not represented in it.


Media of all forms, whether news or entertainment, plays an influential part in shaping our ideas and opinions, and thereby, our community. NW-AML seeks to educate both youth and adults in our community about the ways in which media influences us, as well as how to be critical consumers.


Throughout the year, NW-AML hosts events to promote and inform about media literacy in our community. Our interactive presentations educate and equip attendees to correctly critique and consume media for themselves, and spreads awareness of media influences and issues.


Whether you are a community leader, educator, media professional, or private individual looking for resources to educate and inform yourself or others about media literacy, NW-AML provides articles, curriculum, speakers, and links to other resources.

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