Media of all forms, whether news or entertainment, plays an influential part in shaping our ideas and opinions, and thereby, our community. NW-AML seeks to educate both youth and adults in our community about the ways in which media influences us, as well as how to be critical consumers.


Throughout the year, NW-AML hosts events to promote and inform about media literacy in our community. Our interactive presentations educate and equip attendees to correctly critique and consume media for themselves, and spreads awareness of media influences and issues.


Whether you are a community leader, educator, media professional, or private individual looking for resources to educate and inform yourself or others about media literacy, NW-AML provides articles, curriculum, speakers, and links to other resources.

Past Events

See what we’ve been up to recently:

Youth v. Gov Virtual Screening and Panel Discussion, Mon. 8/9/21, 5:30-8:00 PM PST

Free Screening: YOUTH v GOV
YOUTH v GOV is the story of America’s youth taking on the world’s most powerful government. Armed with a wealth of evidence, twenty-one courageous leaders file a ground-breaking lawsuit against the U.S. government, asserting it has willfully acted over six decades to create the climate crisis, thus endangering their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property. If these young people are successful, they will not only make history, they will change the future.: Youth V. Gov virtual screening and panel discussion with filmmakers and youth plaintiffs.

This free virtual screening of YOUTH v GOV is co-sponsored with Gonzaga’s Climate Center and School of Leadership Studies A panel discussion with the filmmakers and 2 youth plaintiffs will follow the screening.


Check out our free webinars that engage audiences in media literacy topics

Important Update: Media Literacy Bill now included in WA House Bill

The WA Senate Media Literacy Bill did not pass in its original form, but it is still alive in the HB 1365 bill. Can you please help show support for this new bill? We need people to send emails to the Rules Committee where HB 1365 needs to pass. Read below for the details. Please…

UPDATE: Washington State Media Literacy Bill (SB5242)

Media Literacy Bill (SB5242) is now at the Appropriations Committee in the Washington State legislature! We need to ensure that it is voted out of this committee by the end of the committee meeting this Friday, April 2nd! We now need to submit a hearing request. To do this, please send an email to Chair…

UPDATE: Washington State Legislature – Media Literacy Bill

SB 5242 (a media literacy and democracy bill) has passed the Senate and is now headed to the House! A hearing has been scheduled for Friday March 19, 10:00 am for our bill. It will be heard by the Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee. This bill is very important to advancing media literacy education…

NEW: Washington State Legislature: Media Literacy Bill

A new media literacy bill is now ready to be presented to the Washington State Legislature! The next Senate hearing for this bill will be on Friday, February 19 @ 9:00 am PST! We are hoping that you can help support this bill by signing in and registering your support here: CLICK TO  SIGN IN AND REGISTER…

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