Media Literacy Videos

Check out these short videos for more information on what media literacy is and specific issues within it, from diversity and body image to social media use and more.

Introduction to Media Literacy:

By Crash Courses: introduces what media literacy is and how to use it to navigate our world.

Political Media’s Bias

By Newsy: educating on the bias of publications to create an informed public.

Deconstructing Media Messages

By teaches strategies to help people critically consume media.

Media Literacy and Body Image

By Dr. Lori Bindig for the Brainwaves Video Anthology: addresses how body image can be shaped by messages carried through media.

Mindfulness and Social Media

By Brit Heiring for TEDx: how social media can affect mental health and how to use social media mindfully.

How to Use Google Reverse Image Search to Fact Check Images

By Common Sense Education: instructional guide to allow one to fact check for fake or track origins of images.

The Danger of a Single Story

By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for TED: reminds people of the importance of multiple perspectives.

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