Our Mission

We are a diverse group that encourages members of our community to use the power media holds responsibly, conscientiously, deliberately, and inclusively.

NW-AML strives to create a thriving media culture in our community through empowering youth and adults to be critical media consumers. We encourage responsible media practices and ideas that create a more conscientious and effective environment for all.

Our Goals

1. Monitor Media

NW-AML evaluates local media for potentially problematic issues, such as cyber bullying, fake news, and the role of media in democracy, intervening with letters to the editor and public awareness.

2. Education

Creates a community of media literate citizens through community presentations, teacher training, and youth workshops at the college and high school levels.

3. Support Local Media

Encourages consumption of local media to create awareness of local issues, and incorporates local media professionals in annual events such as MediaFest.

The Department of Communication and Leadership Studies and the School of Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University is home to the alliance, through the Center for Media Literacy Excellence.

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Help create a thriving community of media literacy

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