Speaker’s Bureau

The Speakers Bureau was designed to create and maintain dialogue about media literacy with members of the Spokane Community. Our presentations are designed to help organizations understand how the media affects viewers, listeners, and readers. They also offer information on strategies for parents, teachers, and caregivers on ways to help children navigate the media explosion.

John Caputo speaks MCU

Topics include:

Fake News
How to spot it and prevent it from spreading; the consequences of fake news on society and politics.

Focuses on the pervasiveness of advertising in our society and how it impacts parents and children.

Media Violence
Explores violence in the media, especially video games, affects society – especially young people.

Body Image
Examines how advertising impacts young people’s ideas about body image.

What is Media?
Designed to help young audiences understand what media is and how it impacts their lives.

Cyber Bullying
Explores what cyber bullying, how it occurs, and step to take to prevent it.

Substance Abuse and Media 
Explores the messages related to substances in media, and the possible influence for teens.

Parenting and the Media
How parents can guide their children through the new world of media.

Pop Culture and the Media
Explores the main messages and stereotypes promoted through popular media.


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