NW-ARM History

Separate but similar passions for media literacy came together to form the Northwest Alliance for Responsible Media.

The first component came from a statewide effort to respond to growing discontent among parents about the shortage of quality television programming for their families. The Spokane Academy for Family Television – a regional chapter of the state’s Foundation for Family Television – pushed for change at the local level.

The second component was nurtured at Gonzaga University through the work of Dr. John Caputo, a communications scholar and a passionate advocate for media literacy. Dr. Caputo hosted several conferences exploring how children respond to growing up in a media-saturated culture.

The third component grew out of Spokane’s West Central Community Center and a growing concern among residents about the root causes of violence in the neighborhood. Citizens concerned about the issue began a petition that led to the formation of a citizens’ group aimed at monitoring and countering the impact of media violence on children.

From these three efforts, the Northwest Alliance was born.

Read “A Media Manifesto”

Event Timeline

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