Vision, Mission and Who We Are


The Northwest Alliance for Responsible Media is committed to monitoring the influence of news and entertainment media on our society, educating the community about this influence, and working with media professionals to influence the industry to act responsibly in helping create a thriving cultural environment for all.


We envision a community that:

  • Understands the effect of media on our community and culture.
  • Works with media to enhance the vitality and development of our community.
  • Empowers youth and adults to become critical media consumers.
  • Encourages media to act as responsible, effective stewards of this critical public trust.


Our goals include:

  • Planning and developing effective ways to address media violence.
  • Organizing and educating our community about media literacy and responsibility.


The Northwest Alliance for Responsible Media (NWARM) is an organization grounded in the belief that media is one of the most powerful influences in shaping who we are. This is reflected in the way it builds our attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors of ourselves and the people who are most dear to us.

The NWARM strives to promote media literacy. Media literacy is the awareness and application of critical thinking skills to the messages we receive through the influence of television, newsprint, and internet forms of media. Our organization both criticizes and celebrates the media, while understanding this influence and power.

We are a diverse group that encourages members of our community to use the power media holds responsibly, this means conscientiously, deliberately, and all-inclusively.

The department of Communication and Leadership Studies and the School of Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University is home to the alliance, through the Center for Media Literacy Excellence.

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