Fighting media with media

NW-ARM has used this blog to discuss problems such as cyberbullying and privacy concerns associated with the explosion of technology that has allowed increasing numbers of us to become “media producers” as well as “media users.” YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, cell phone cameras and other innovations that didn’t even exist a few years ago (even Facebook and YouTube are less than a decade old) have changed our media world.

Some of the change has been harmful, much of it trivial. But much of it also has been (or could be beneficial), which is largely why we’re sponsoring the student video contest advertised in the post at the top of this page. Those of us who care about both the effects of media and our First Amendment protections recognize that sometimes the way to fight bad media is with the use of good media. The following video is offered with that in mind:

1 thought on “Fighting media with media

  1. Exceptional video.Thanks for sharing!

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