Immigration Reform and the Media: An Interactive Lecture by Dr. Hector Amaya


Over the past decade the U.S. government has jailed hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants without recourse to some of the most basic human rights. Dr. Amaya’s talk will discuss how the development of these detention centers connects with journalists deferring to government authority. He will describe how these abuses threaten all of us.

Brought to you by the Gonzaga University M.A. in Communication & Leadership Studies, Unity Multicultural Education Center, Office of the Chief Diversity Officer, La Raza, CCASL, University Ministry, Center for Teaching and Advising, and Center for Global Engagement.

Jepson Wolff Auditorium on the Gonzaga Campus at 7:00 pm September 25th. For more details call (509) 313-3567

2 thoughts on “Immigration Reform and the Media: An Interactive Lecture by Dr. Hector Amaya

  1. I am looking forward to the event and learning the role media plays in solving or exacerbating this issue.

    1. Thank you for bringing a speaker like this.

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