Facebook Support Filter

The terrorist attacks in Paris have created a sense of unity in the world. For those who do not live near France, it is difficult to show support for those suffering. All over the Internet digital landscape there are signs of support for Paris. Popular websites like Amazon and YouTube have changed their formats to show solidarity. Facebook allows users to cover their profile picture with a blue, white, and red filter. This filter is not automatic; the user has to personally change it. Even though, the blue, white, and red filter is small and insignificant it creates power in unity. All of a sudden on Facebook there is a sea of these filters and those logging on cannot help but think of France.

How does it “Stand With France”? Does it overshadow other conflicts related to terrorism around the world? Why is it important to understand what the filter means? Even though this is not the first time Facebook has created these filters, are they sending an effective message? Is it significant that users have to change their profile picture manually? Does it help those suffering from the terrorist attacks? What does the filter mean to you? Mass media can promote unity – a prosocial effect.


Prayers and thoughts go out to those in suffering in Paris and, as well as, those affected from by terrorist attacks.

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