MediaFest 2017

KSPS MediaFest 2017, held March 22, was a huge success for all involved!

Thank you to KSPS for hosting this event alongside NW-ARM and to all that gave their time to educate the High School students. We would also like to thank the students for being willing to learn and show interest in the subjects at hand, and to the schools and organizations that made the students aware of the event.

Three years ago, The Northwest Alliance for Responsible Media (NW-ARM) and KSPS Public Television designed and launched MediaFest 2015. The idea was to give local high school students who have an interest in careers in media industries an opportunity to interact with a variety of media professionals.

It was a success! 80 public high school students participated in the half-day workshop at KSPS public television. 10 media professionals shared their knowledge and insights in sessions such as TV reporting and producing, photo journalism, TV documentary, newspaper reporting, TV videography and editing, radio journalism, and two website and social media sessions. The high school students chose the sessions they wanted to attend. At lunch, all students came together and listened to media professionals and professors talk about what it means to choose a career in media and the ethical implications that follow.

Many volunteers and donors made MediaFest 2015 a success. The ten media professionals gave their expertise, time, and talent (see list below). Teachers and administrators selected 20 students, coordinated buses, scheduled substitute teachers, chased parental permission slips, and supplied T-shirt sizes. KSPS found a way to have X number of open rooms, a map and schedule for students, lunch available, and technology in place to meet the complex needs for this event. NW-ARM volunteers were on hand to greet the students and help with logistics. The generosity of two donors allowed this event to be free for all participants: Verizon and Bayman’s Garage Media.

Local Media Professionals in 2015 included Nick Deshais, Reporter, Spokesman-Review, Alison Boggs, Online Producer, Spokesman-Review, Josh King, Tinderbox Consulting, Gary Stokes, KSPS General Manager, Kristi Gorenson, KXLY 920 News Anchor, Jeff Bollinger, KREM 2 News Photojournalist, Mary DeCesare, KSPS Documentary Producer, Rajah Bose, Photojournalist, Gonzaga University, Stephanie Vigil, KHQ News Anchor.

MediaFest 2015 was described by high school educator Kris Friedland as “a first class event and learning experience for the students and staff! My kids were inspired. Thank you so much for the opportunity for our kids to talk with and learn from professional in the industry. This was a perfect T-2-4 event also, with Gonzaga being so involved!” And Dawn Bayman observed that, “Overall the students were interested and engaged, and so were the teachers.”

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