UPDATE: Washington State Media Literacy Bill (SB5242)

Media Literacy Bill (SB5242) is now at the Appropriations Committee in the Washington State legislature! We need to ensure that it is voted out of this committee by the end of the committee meeting this Friday, April 2nd!

We now need to submit a hearing request.

To do this, please send an email to Chair Timm Ormsby (timm.ormsby@leg.wa.gov), Vice Chair Steve Bergquist (steve.bergquist@leg.wa.gov), Vice Chair Mia Gregerson (mia.gregerson@leg.wa.gov), and Vice Chair Nicole Macri (Nicole.macri@leg.wa.gov).

We may lose out on passing the bill, if it is not heard before April 2nd. Your help would be much appreciated; the more people that send an email that asks the committee to schedule a hearing and vote on our bill, the better. Thank you in advance!

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