Dump Trump from the News Cycle

A New York Times columnist is calling on the press to dump Donald Trump from the endless news cycle that appears to detail—and thereby validate–every outrageous comment spewed by the Republican presidential candidate.

“The never-ending, exhaustive, even breathless coverage of every outrage that issues forth from this man’s mouth is not news. Every offense and attack is not news,” said Charles M. Blow in an Aug. 27, 2015, column.

Blow vowed to eliminate Trump from his own coverage unless the billionaire businessman committed actual news—such as advancing policies that include workable details. Such a pledge is heartening to read when this nation is faced with real issues such as income inequality, immigration reform, and climate change. Reporters and columnists shouldn’t waste another word on trumped up, engineered offenses that generate a lot of squawking but nothing more.

To read the editorial, visit http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/27/opinion/enough-is-enough.html?_r=0.

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