Six Applications that Help Prevent Bullying

Here are some free anti-bullying applications created to help decrease acts of bullying:

  • BullyTagTM –  Timeless Technology – http://www.bullytag.comThe bystander factor is what BullyTag tries to attack. The app offers a series of ways to alert school authorities of inappropriate behavior. It is a simple screen that links the user to send a photo, video, text messages and voice recording to school authorities. There is also a “help” phone number and a way to get in touch with a guidance counselor. The user is anonymous and everything is deleted from the phone after it is sent.
  • The Bully Box

Brandon Boyton created The Bully Box Application. Boyton, seventeen at the time, designed the app so students could report bullying anonymously. Schools can sign-up and register for $499.00 a year to receive photos, videos and text from students.

This application is a tool to educate the user about how to identify and deal with bullying. It is advertised for parents to use with their children, however it is also useful for anyone to help identify signs of bullying.

Stop!t is another anonymous user app. It can alert school authorities of bullying by sending photos, videos and texts. What stands out with this app. is the “panic” button. If the user feels unsafe or threatened they can push the “panic button” and a campus safety officer will respond to the location with GPS. Stop!t also has a two-way messenger and school authority can deactivate an account if the user is abusing the app.

ReThink was created by fourteen year old Trisha Prabhu who was fed up with people being cyber-bullied. The app not just prevents people from being bullied, but it questions the bully’s words and actions before a message is even sent. Before a message a window pops up and alerts the sender that it had detected harmful language. It then asks the sender to maybe rethink the message and if they really want to send it. Prabhu’s application is a new innovative way to prevent bullying, as well as educate users of rude and harmful language.

While Virtual Hope Box is not labeled as an anti-bullying app, it helps promote self-worth, stress relief and positive distractions. The app has inspirational quotes, breathing exercises and pictures to remind you of loved ones. If some one is being bullied or feel like bullying someone, Virtual Hope Box can calm one’s self before making a decision.

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