Digital Disconnect – Screening and Discussion Coming to GU Nov 14

Digital Disconnect screening at Gonzaga University Nov 14 2018
Digital Disconnect screening at Gonzaga University

Join us for a free screening of this controversial film followed by lively discussion, Wednesday, November 14th, Wolff Auditorium in the Jepson building on the campus of Gonzaga University.

Map and Parking Information

According to the Media Education Foundation:

Digital Disconnect, based on the acclaimed book by media scholar Robert McChesney, trains its sights on the relationship between the internet and democracy in the age of fake news, filter bubbles, and Facebook security breaches. In a wide-ranging analysis that moves from the development of the internet as a publicly funded project in the late 1960s to its full-scale commercialization today, McChesney traces how the democratizing potential of the web is being radically compromised by the logic of capitalism and the unaccountable power of a handful of telecom and tech monopolies. The result is an indispensable classroom resource — a vital tool for helping students make sense of a technological revolution that’s radically transforming virtually aspect of human communication.

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