How to Spot Fake News – Method #5: Follow the Links

Here is tip #5 to help you discern Fake News from the real thing. (Check out the entire list of 11 tips.)

No. 5: If a story offers links, follow them. (Garbage leads to worse garbage.) No links, quotes, or references? Another telltale sign.

When a child says she is sick, most parents grab a thermometer for supporting evidence. Readers should follow a similar strategy when a news article makes a claim. Check the evidence before deciding whether a post on Facebook, Twitter, or a news site is true. If the story includes links, follow them to see where the information originated. Credible information has credible sources. Trustworthy journalists use a variety of sources when writing a story, and they include them so that readers can be confident about the facts. Stories without links, quotes, or references are a sure sign the writer didn’t do the work necessary to verify the information.

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